Lorenzo Riccardi is chief executive officer of Area Brokers Industria S.p.A and PIB Group Italia, a leading Brokerage Company in insurance program management and Risk Management for medium and large enterprises, now part of the international PIB Group.

He is also at the helm of Qui Polizza, a company dedicated to the distribution of insurance products for the retail market, Co-Founder of Nemesi, a company for the provision of services in the automotive sector, Co-Founder of Apeiron, a real estate company, President of the swimming company Aqua Alpha and CEO of Genesi Holding.


Lorenzo Riccardi, throughout his career, has acquired extensive skills, developing a strong interest in insurance, finance, technology and entrepreneurship.

His nature is that of a passionate Leader with a clear vision of the future, able to anticipate market trends, eager to bring innovations to the sector, and driven by a desire to achieve excellence for its stakeholders.

Over the years, he has built positive and strong relationships with investors, partners and collaborators. His leadership is focused on inspiring the Team to pursue business goals, encouraging creativity, collaboration and innovation.

A father of two boys, becoming a parent at 24, Lorenzo Riccardi is passionate about travel, movies, fitness and cars. He is a non-professional pilot, holds a black belt in Judo and has studied acting at the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art with several television, theater and film appearances.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Finance and an MBA; at age 24, Lorenzo passed the State Examination to qualify for Section B of the RUI Single Register of Insurance Intermediaries.


Before taking on his current roles, Lorenzo Riccardi was Chief Business Development Officer and Senior Account of Area Brokers Industria, CEO of Medica Editoria e Diffusione Scientifica, a company formed by experienced professionals in the field of Medical-Scientific Publishing, Dissemination and Training.

He gained internationalexperience, in New York as an Account at Foa & Son and in Barcelona as an Account Executive at Vetop International, an International Broker present in 54 countries worldwide.

He has worked in Europe and the U.S. dealing with ambitious projects ranging from Insurtech, Risk Management, Automotive, Start Up, to Publishing. He has promoted new distribution models in the Retail sector and contributed to the conception and development of Athena, a software based on artificial intelligence, demonstrating foresight in investing in advanced technologies.


At Area Brokers Industria, Riccardi brought an international perspective and a strong entrepreneurial vocation. Since his entry into the Company, the Company has steadily increased its workforce and value, including through continuous investment in research and development in technology.

The information generated by Athena, Area Brokers Industria’s proprietary Machine Learning-powered software, enables companies and employees to take a holistic view of risks and pursue their strategic goals with greater confidence.

Athena insurance software, thanks to artificial intelligence, is able to predict the true percentage of risk to which a company is exposed during its operations (average exposure to occupational diseases, natural events, catastrophic events, and occupational accidents, for example). Athena analyzes the target industry, company size, location of risk, and type of product handled. Based on this data, the platform obtains a scenario with possible future losses and consequent emerging damages.

Thanks to an ambitious and visionary leadership, ABI is now One of the top 20 Insurance Brokerage Companies in Italy by volume of business out of about 3,000 total brokers and closed the 2022 fiscal year budget with revenues up by 57% than in 2021, and with a EBITDA equal to 3.308mln up by 66,3% compared with 2021.

Lorenzo Riccardi marked a key chapter in the history of Area Brokers Industria (ABI). In March 2023, with the goal of overcoming the limits of organic growth, Riccardi masterfully orchestrated the deal that saw ABI join the prestigious international PIB group. PIB Group, a leader in insurance distribution, boasts more than 3.5 billion gross brokered assets and is joined by the two prestigious global private equity players Apax Funds and The Carlyle Group.

Lorenzo Riccardi’s extraordinary contribution emerges clearly in this growth path that has positioned ABI as a key element in PIB’s ambitious project to establish itself as a point of reference in the Italian market. His leadership has played a crucial role in shaping PIB’s vision in Italy as an example of excellence in development and integration projects. Riccardi’s ability to lead ABI through this strategic path has helped not only to consolidate ABI’s position in the Italian insurance industry, but also to strengthen the international profile of the PIB Group.

In this context, Lorenzo Riccardi emerges as a key player, a catalyst for change who has transformed an ambitious prospect into a successful reality. His dedication and strategic vision have made it possible to position ABI as a point of reference in the Italian insurance industry and as a key partner for new combinations in the international context.


With Area Brokers Industria, Lorenzo supports the Dynamo Foundation, an organization active in philanthropy with a high social impact and a strong focus on sustainability projects for children with disabilities, and the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation, an organization active in supporting the right to education worldwide.

Lorenzo Riccardi cares about local development, social issues and youth growth, which is why he took over a failing swimming club and founded Aqua Alpha, a sports entity capable of supporting the passion of numerous athletes, sharing ambitious goals with them.

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