Area Brokers Industria has more than a decade of experience in cyber insurance, protecting organizations against cybercrime and digital threats.

We are able to offer a wide range of Cyber Security products, from specialized independent cyber insurance, to cyber risk guarantee, dedicated to covering the protection of sensitive data and its dissemination. The risks we can guarantee include: business interruption, restoration, crisis communications, third-party losses such as data breaches, network service disruptions, identity theft, and more.

Cyber insurance, in its broadest sense, involves actions beyond seeking collateral to compensate for financial losses, albeit, potentially, significant ones.

Area Brokers Industria is able to offer its Clients, incident prevention and response services, through a network of global Partners who assist the company in improving IT resilience and are able to mitigate negative impacts, after an incident.

Services include access to legal IT experts and legal or crisis communications support, and are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

We work closely with Clients to conduct a comprehensive assessment of business systems and build a tailored warranty. Cyber risk particularly lends itself to the drafting of dedicated wording to extend risk coverage to all Client needs.


Area Brokers Industria has developed an innovative service package for IT risk management as part of its diversification of consulting services.

    • Cyber package: preventive Cybersecurity validation service, 24-hour Technical Emergency Response service, technical assistance in crisis management and resolution, periodic vulnerability analysis and training;
    • Emergency Response Service: digital platform, H24 Central Emergency Response, technical intervention in the field;
    • Technical Assistance Service: Incident Response, Expert Activity.

Coverage includes protection against external threats and other damages caused by third parties; with the payment of an additional premium, coverage can be extended to include “traditional” infidelity coverage, i.e., protecting against damages caused by third parties or employees (including when the employee acts in collusion with a third party).


    • Compensation for expenses incurred and financial losses suffered;
    • Losses due to business interruption;
    • Data recovery costs;
    • Reporting costs (whether or not they are provided by the regulatory authority);
    • Crisis management costs;
    • Third-party liability coverage;
    • Data breaches;
    • Information system security breaches;
    • Denial of access;
    • Negligent or inadvertent transmission of malware;
    • Following financial losses;
    • Misappropriation of property.


What consequences a cyber attack can have. What are the risks in the cyber world?

Cyber risks are those arising from actual cyber attacks, which aim to steal and damage sensitive data. The “Institute of Risk Management” defines cyber risk as any risk of financial loss, disruption, or damage to an organization’s reputation resulting from accidental or malicious events to the computer system.

The outcome of a cyber attack consists of, in addition to data loss, severe economic damage. In the case of malicious cyber attacks, there is another real danger: the sale or dissemination of personal data of suppliers and customers, who may in the future have legal recourse against the company for failing to adequately protect the data, violating their privacy.


The transition of work from the office to smart working has happened very quickly and without adequate training about the cyber security threats that companies face. There are some countermeasures to protect employees and companies from cybercriminals, to be less unprepared and vulnerable to threats. Area Brokers Industria has compiled a brief summary for you that is useful in illustrating the main risks to which companies are exposed.

Below you will find a summary presentation on cyber risk and our editable questionnaire that we ask you to complete if you are interested in evaluating the costs and benefits of insurance coverage to protect against cyber attacks.

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