Long Term Care is insurance against the risk of non-self-sufficiency as a result of accident, serious illness or longevity. The insurance becomes operative when the insured will no longer be able to perform tasks except through the help of a third party.

When to decide to activate coverage?

There is no right or wrong time to decide to protect yourself, Long Term Care gives you the opportunity to feel safer through a life-long annuity that lasts in the event of setbacks in daily life or at work.

When is the coverage activated?

In case of recognition of permanent non-self-sufficiency of the insured during the period of force of the coverage and until the persistence of this state, the Company will pay an annuity at monthly intervals.

The monthly benefit is determined during the quotation phase with your Insurer.

What is meant by “non-self-sufficient”?

An insured person who, due to illness, injury, or loss of strength, finds himself or herself in need of another person to perform at least 3 of the following 4 daily actions, despite the use of technical and medical aids, is considered to be in a state of non-self-sufficiency:

      1. washing oneself: the ability to bathe or shower and maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene without the assistance of a third person;
      2. Feeding: the ability to eat and drink, without the assistance of a third person;
      3. move: ability to get out of bed, chair, lie down, sit up without the assistance of a third person;
      4. dressing: the ability to put on or take off one’s own clothes without the assistance of a third person.


The annual insured capital is determined at the time of contracting; the maximum insurable capital may vary according to the Companies. Based on the annual lump sum established in the policy, the Insured will receive monthly compensation.

The Insurance benefit is paid from the 90th day after the date of filing the claim, this indication may vary depending on the Company selected.

The annuity provided by the Company is for life. However, the Company reserves the right to conduct periodic health checks on the health status of the Insured. If the assessment shows recovery of full self-sufficiency, benefit payment will be suspended. Every 12 months, the insured person must send the Company a document certifying that the insured person is alive.

Insurance coverage is independent of the location (domestic or foreign) where the claim occurs.

The reporting of a claim must be made within the time limits established on the contract (and in any case as soon as possible) from the time when the injury occurred. It is necessary to inform the insurance company of the details and dynamics of the accident: time and date, place, occupation at which the insured was waiting, the presence of any witnesses and the possible intervention of Authorities.

Subsequently, the relevant medical documentation, documents certifying the state of non-self-sufficiency, and the clinical report from the hospital specialist confirming the clinical diagnosis must be submitted to the insurance company.

Appropriate Assessment Tests up to the stage of recovery.

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