Professionals appreciate the need to provide their Clients with a high level of service. We wish to maintain the same standards that our interlocutor would go to.

Reality requires us to be aware of the problems we may encounter nowadays. Professionals are increasingly exposed to financial repercussions as a result of their work. Area Brokers Industria wants to protect its Clients’ capital through solutions that are economically very viable. Together we will identify the risks and assess the level of coverage needed.


We will prepare Professional Liability coverage in order to protect both large companies and individuals against liabilities that arise as a result of errors or omissions in the conduct of their professional activities. In many cases, these kinds of protections are seen as a main condition for entering into a contract or conducting business. Area Brokers Industria recognizes the complex needs arising from these types of obligations and will structure coverage to protect the Client against these risks.

As a result of litigation that has arisen in recent years, Area Brokers Industria has developed several Professional Liability programs for the most challenging and sophisticated risks. This knowledge coupled with a proven track record makes Area Brokers Industria a leader in this specific sector.

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