The policy of defending consumer rights and a broader insurance culture have over the years helped create greater awareness of the issue of compensation for damages suffered in connection with third-party events.

Product liability warranties, confined for many years to sectors with high incidence of risk, have been attracting particular interest in less traditional areas for some years now.

What might be the implications for supplying a “non-compliant” product? What about any consequential damages to it?
The supplier could be held contractually liable for the replacement of a product due to nonconformity, with the obligation to compensate for any damage caused to third parties by the defective product.

Area Brokers Industria assesses with the client the risk, all the consequences that may result from a loss occurrence up to the traceability of the product in order to find the best insurance solution on the market.


    • Product Liability: includes costs referring to property losses that have been suffered by Customers or Third Parties as a result of non-compliance of insured products;
    • Product Guarantee Coverage: includes the resumption, alteration, replacement or treatment of products that do not conform to the purposes for which they were manufactured, designed, sold, installed, repaired, modified, shipped or delivered by or on behalf of the Insured;
    • Product Recall Coverage: includes recall of all products that may cause harm to a third party, whether to person or property, search, removal and transportation costs.

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