This particular niche market is constantly evolving and has reached very high levels of complexity and importance in many countries. The complexity of such transactions requires the work of capable and dedicated advisors who are capable not only of identifying risks and opportunities, but also of adding value to the transaction itself throughout its duration.


Area Brokers Industria’s experience and expertise, combined with the Global Network, intellectual capital and best practices provide integrated solutions and strategies for enterprise risk management in an increasingly complex global environment.

Our clients are supported before, during and after the transaction, Timeliness, adaptability, and reliability characterize our specialized Team that handles few but always delicate and complex transactions in the M&A world every year.


    • Insurance due diligence and risk management;
    • Transaction Liability Hedges;
    • Solutions to protect the business conducted by private equity funds;
    • Initial Public Offering (IPO);
    • Management of “Portfolio Strategy” portfolio company insurance programs.


Insurance programs aimed at risk transfer are developed and specific solutions to particular problems are studied in order to:

    • facilitate the completion of merger and acquisition transactions by providing protection to buyers and sellers for financial losses resulting from breaches of warranties and representations contained in the purchase and sale agreement (Warranties & Indemnities), enabling, as appropriate, the reduction and eventual elimination of the Escrow required by the buyer;
    • transfer identified and assessed tax issues that the parties do not want to consider in the long run (Tax Opinion Insurance);
    • transfer labor, environmental, accounting issues that are difficult to quantify economically or uncertain in occurrence, which the parties are unwilling to consider (Loss Mitigation).


Insurance coverage has been designed to mitigate the risks of all parties, involved in the preparation and drafting of the prospectus, who have responsibilities to potential investors and more generally to third parties, including supervisory bodies (IPO Insurance), when listing on regulated markets.


Area Brokers Industria specializes in the integration and rationalization of the insurance programs of the portfolio companies of private equity operators and is also able to create a pool of insurers with which to negotiate the homogeneous, unified and coordinated management of these programs. This solution ensures better regulatory and economic conditions and, consequently, a containment of the risk profile, which translates into a positive impact on EBITDA.

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