Area Brokers Industria is a company specializing in the design, construction and marketing of High Value added products and services for the Automotive world.
Constant comparison with Reinsurers and National and International Insurance Companies, refinement of current services and study of new ones are the basis of innovation in our insurance programs.

These programs, initially designed and distributed as a Wholesale Broker for Car Dealers operating in Italy, are now also directly available to Car Dealers with the resulting benefits of a Business to Business to Consumer relationship.

Thanks to synergies with entities in our Group and collaborations with specialized companies, insurance guarantees are complemented by non-insurance services and products and innovative technological applications. Area Brokers Industria created the brand QUI POLIZZA to develop the distribution model dedicated to the Car Dealer sector.

The following guarantees can be combined to create customized insurance programs suited to the needs of both car buyers and sellers:


    • Total and partial theft and fire;
    • loss of keys;
    • restoration of airbags;
    • Collision with wild animals.



    • Total and partial theft and fire;
    • vandalism;
    • weather events;
    • crystals;
    • third-party claim;
    • supplementary guarantees (including lost of keys, airbag restoration, wild animal collision).



Value as new up to 60 months.



Death and Permanent Total Disability from Accident or Illness.



If another policy for fire, theft and robbery risks is in force for a vehicle, the Insurance Program will have a gap period equal to the number of months the policy is already in force.



    • mini-collision;
    • collision;
    • kasko;
    • driver injuries.

Unity is strength.
Thanks to the experience of the Nemesi company, which is part of our Group, and collaborations with specialized companies in the automotive sector, insurance components are also complemented by non-insurance solutions and innovative technological applications, which can also be purchased on a stand-alone basis.

    • Cutting-edge 24-hour satellite systems
    • Permanent crystal identification systems;
    • Modular roadside assistance;
    • pneumatic kasko;
    • replacement car.


So not just insurance programs, but High Value Added services to make the supply even more complete and adequate with respect to demand.

Technology to simplify and improve sales processes.
The flagship is the dedicated IT platform specifically created to enable the salesperson to offer the insurance product and services with maximum transparency (thanks in part to its operational simplicity and intuitive information).
It operates in the multi-company perspective, going to display as the end result of the quote the proposal of the Company that is most competitive and allowing the seller to modulate the proposal itself by adding additional guarantees and/or services and/or theft deterrence products.

Unique in its kind, it allows the contracted Car Dealer to operate autonomously regarding quotations, purchases, documentation consultation and monitoring. Detailed production statistics broken down by individual vendor complete the service.
With the input of a few essential data, efficient customized solutions can be generated for the Client, putting them in a position to best protect the valuable asset they are buying and that will accompany them on many journeys.

The key to the success of our programs is their design in collaboration with the Client to achieve maximum effectiveness in those aspects that are crucial to the success of the initiative.
The global view of Italian and foreign insurance markets has enabled us to have strategic partnerships in response to the different sizes and needs of our Client, company or entity nationwide. Our organization, if necessary, builds customized products and services upon request.

An activity, therefore, of sales support curated at 360° with:

    • program design;
    • Organization and computerization of the project and its distribution;
    • pricing set as the Client’s price list and not just with insurance logic;
    • Point-of-sale assistance;
    • network formation;
    • marketing and communication campaign.

Car Dealers who approach us are interested not only in sales incentive, but intend to achieve the following goals:

    • Customer retention, with the inclusion of new programs;
    • simplicity and speed of management;
    • Clear and immediately understandable content;
    • inclusion of new revenue channels and business solutions, sometimes strategic and decisive in terms of budget because they do not require new investments, at a time when diversification of supply and revenue sources are a vital need for many operators.


Supporting Car Dealers are our professional agents who operate throughout the country:

    • transferring enthusiasm, seriousness, efficiency and competence;
    • Creating training and motivational pathways for sales networks;
    • meeting all operational and strategic needs;
    • Drawing up “Advance Business Consulting.”
    • Preparing customized Business Plans;
    • Designing and coordinating events for Sell Out.

Happy and satisfied customers are worth a thousand words.

Cars for people are much more than a means of transportation, as for some they are an integral part of their lives, for others they are one of their biggest expenses, for still others a true member of the family, and for the most romantic a true love affair.
When a product has an intangible part at its core, it is at the point of need that customers test us. Satisfied and loyal customers are less likely to question the cost of services and products because they know we will take care of them if they have a problem.

It is no coincidence that our Customer Care, staffed by qualified personnel, is always ready to answer doubts and questions, provide operational support, and manage the anxieties of those who have suffered a claim, supporting the Car Dealer and Clients throughout the entire process of file management.
We offer quality and efficient service for increasingly demanding Clients who expect not only excellent goods but also high-level services for their valuable asset.


PROTECTION PLUS - The carefreeness of being able to buy a car.

Temporary Death Insurance with a single premium paid in advance for the entire duration of the contract taken out on behalf of customers who purchase a vehicle from an affiliated Auto Dealer. Exclusively for Qui Polizza customers and in collaboration with the General Representation for Italy of AXA France Vie S.A.

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