Area Brokers Industria can insure all classes of passenger and Cargo airlines, from individual aircraft to larger fleets, including low-cost operators, start-ups, and domestic airlines. We know that the insurance needs of airlines are different, so we work closely with risk managers, offering a flexible underwriting and claims management service. This service is supported by our facility’s well-established ability to manage risk in this niche market.


Our Team provides tailored policies throughout the aerospace industry, covering all types of physical damage and liability for risks in this industry. Our ability to combine a flexible approach to coverage with great placement capacity has made us a benchmark for insurance program management in this area. In addition, our Service Teams have supported our Clients in the compensation process of major insurance losses in the aerospace industry, helping to protect their image and reach a fair and quick settlement.


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones have the potential to solve both problems and save costs in the future in a range of industries, throughout the developing world and in disaster relief scenarios. As the civilian and commercial use of drones increases rapidly and continues to evolve, the growth potential of this technology needs to be considered. Technological advances are inevitably accompanied by a number of new and poorly understood risks. There have already been enough accidents and near misses to date involving drones to generate concern that the likelihood of collisions and other loss events will grow as UAS numbers increase.

Area Brokers Industria examines the key issues and trends behind the rapid growth in the use of drones and provides information on the potential risk exposures, related to their deployment in the private, public and commercial sectors, accompanying Clients in the best insurance solution to manage the risks related to a new and fast-growing market.


Our established experience in the world of aviation has led us to find solutions for different types of risks, from private aircraft to corporate jets and commercial fleets. We offer true global reach, ensuring Customers flying all over the world, even in harsh environments, from Africa to the Antarctic. In addition to fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, we also insure balloons and airships, ground hazards, fixed-base operators, flight schools, general aviation service providers, and clubs. Our Aviation Team is composed of professionals who know aviation and its dynamics.


Space and satellite insurance has evolved from simple launch coverage to a complex discipline that combines contractual analysis and advice, risk assessment, alternative risk transfer concepts, insurance program design and implementation, and claims negotiation. Our Aviation Team can offer comprehensive space insurance and satellite insurance for all aspects of space missions, covering assembly, integration and test (AIT) risk, pre-launch risk, structure damage, on-orbit life insurance, and liability.

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