The Affinity sector is characterized by entities that have homogeneous insurance needs, such that rates and terms are designed to achieve the best possible value for money.

People groups can refer to professional organizations, recreational organizations, trade associations, or employees of companies/entities.

The main goal of our Affinity Unit, is to create a stable and lasting partnership with the client, to enable them to become the provider of a high value-added service for their clients/associates/employees. In fact, our insurance programs are designed specifically for both employees of partner companies and members of institutions/associations.

From the operational aspect, our Team is responsible for:

    • analyze risk and design service, developing innovative and fully customized insurance plans and products;
    • Choose the solution best suited to the individual needs of the interest group;
    • Get the most competitive conditions and rates from the market, thanks to the discounts dedicated to us;
    • Assist the company or entity in formulating the marketing strategy, and in launching the program;
    • Use technologically advanced means to shorten timelines and streamline contact processes.


Within our Affinity Unit there is a Team specialized in Personal line & small business, which is in charge of completing the insurance offerings for individuals, offering tailor-made solutions for the professional and personal sphere (e.g., Travel Policies, Head of Household Liability, Professional Liability, Legal Protection, Home Policies). Therefore, the Team extends its consultancy towards business and professional firms, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Area Brokers Industria, which invests 10 percent of its turnover each year in technological research and development, has created a dedicated section for its Clients to consult all policies and any claims.
In the section dedicated to the Associates/Employees of the realities, which develop together with us an Insurance Program for Affinity Group, are given a confidential and personalized access that allows them not only to consult their policies but also to make any requests for variation/implementation.

Times change and with them so do generations and sources of risk, living and consumption habits, which is why Area Brokers Industria has set out to meet an ambitious challenge: to transform old insurance into an instrument that adapts to the new generations and their many needs, with solutions within everyone’s reach.

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